Support Us via Just Giving

How can you help

Just Giving is a well known charity fundraising site — we have set up a campaign page with an initial target of £35,000 to establish premises and add to our equipment. Donations can be Gift–aided (effortlessly) so that we can benefit from a Government top-up. Donations may be one-off or regular.

There several ways in which you can help through this scheme:

  • Visit our fundraising page

    which summarises our campaign and the justification for it and enables donations to be made

    It would be appreciated if this link could be widely disseminated amongst your own contacts — Click for some sample text to include in your messages. And, see "Make your own fundraising page" below.

  • Just make a donation

    One off or regular
  • Make your own fundraising page

    Should you wish to set up your own fundraising page linked to this campaign, a link is provided on the page

    This enables you and your personal contacts or your organisation to consolidate donations into a collective contribution. If you organise a fundraising event to support BNYA this can be used to promote your event. Examples of events might include social events, film nights, a sailathon or other sporting activity, etc.

    Click on the "Start fundraising" button and you will be prompted to set up your page. Default content can be edited as required to suit your needs. We can help with your ideas if you contact us.

  • Have you any Memorabilia or Reminiscences?

    Mindful that the sport of sailing is made up of participants who inevitably accumulate pictures, anecdotes, etc along the way. These are what brings colour to any sailing story, so if you have a shoebox of stuff in the attic, maybe now is the time to haul it out. You may have a good story to tell - just send it through. Prior to photography going digtal that box of old photos may be the only record of some events, boats or people. For those who could run to a book or Monograph - we may be able to publish it for you - see Publications section.

Getting in touch: several requests have been made above to get back to us - in the first instance, please contact and we'll take it from there.