Information About Publishing

In the interests of capturing knowledge about sailing, BNYA encourages those with knowledge and interest in sailing to become authors and have their work published. By this means any amount of undocumented information or that 'hidden' in private collections can be revealed to others with a shared interest. It has proved difficult to get commercial publishers to take an interest in what is a fairly specialised and possibly low-volume market.

BNYA will publish relevant material and provide assistance to authors in the preparation, layout and design of their work, arrange printing and help with marketing. This service is undertaken on a voluntary basis with a revenue sharing agreement, although authors will need to cover some costs which may be recovered from sales.

Formats may range from a monograph perhaps reporting on a research project or an extended essay on some aspect of sailing or the story of a class, club or event to a full length book.

Our first venture into publishing is The Magnificent Sixes: a history of the Six Metre class by Tim Street which may be purchased direct from BNYA.